Creating Our Desired Life

A great deal of talent is lost in the world without the courage to display despite the criticism.

The world puts into our hands that which are in our thoughts and put into action. What I resist will persist. I must Embrace my fears . There is a difference between having a fear, and the fear having us. We can either live our dreams or live our fears.
Living mindfully is like living every moment like a new born miracle. If the why is powerful the how is easy.

If we are dissatisfied with our present expression of life then we must be born again. Rebirth is the dropping of that level with which we are dissatisfied with and rise to that level of consciousness of what we desire to express and possess by taking our focus off of what we are, and putting it into what we desire.

The nature of my manifestation is determined by my state of Being in which I dwell most. I am always drawing into my world that which I am conscious of Being. If we change the seeds, we change the flower. If we change the roots we change the tree. If we change our thoughts and state of Conciousness we can change our life to whatever we desire. “I AM all that I AM”

Hope you Enjoyed!