Use Our EYE ūüĎĀ And Slide Into The EYE Of The Storm-(#173 of 365)

Personal Realization That I Wanted To Share… (#159 of 365)

I don’t want to stress so much on the details.¬†

I want to be able to have fun. Just do what I love, having faith in the universe and being open to its abundance in providing me with the necessary actionable thoughts and steps to keep in alignment with source, and gifting me with everything I need to live a happy, thorough, successful life.

Dont stress the details, the universe will get out of my way!ūüíĮ

Love to All! Hope you enjoy the video!

Non-Physical Conciousness Within and Without a Physical Human Vehicle. When Magic Happens…

When Worlds Collide

As you gaze inwardly, what do you feel?  Do you sense a feeling of energy? Behind the thoughts, behind any situation, do you sense a space of home.  When you look at your hand, and wiggle your fingers, who is that? what is that driving force creating that magic? Is it magic? Or is it just how its supposed to be.  We have the beautiful ability to be aware and ask ourselves these questions.


Its as if we have an EYE in our mind facilitating our mental landscape. It has the ability to have direct access to the processing and formatting of thoughts, creativity, and creation.  Its as if the EYE is an orchestrator, and the result of the total is the orchestra.  The artist and sculpture.  The painter and Canvas.

Consciousness is the ability to be present in your life in every moment, without judgment, of you or anyone else.  its the ability to receive everything and reject nothing and create everything you desire in life greater than what we currently have and more than what you can imagine

Gary Douglas

For me, in my journey its been about creating enlightment in my life to further awaken consciousness to come to meet itself non-physically here in physical form.¬†¬† This meeting has been life changing for me.¬† Ripped away of the unessential’s in life¬† were just left with what’s left.¬†as goofy as that¬† sounds.¬† But were the only ones responsible for what’s between me and me.¬†Me and me, God and I, Source and I, you and you. ¬†Source energy and how it carry’s itself.¬† How do¬† I hold myself when¬†no ones watching, how I speak to myself, how I think is what determines my level¬†of awareness and¬†relationship with source.¬† when the two worlds collide something magical happens.¬† I felt re-born, that I was bigger then all of my problems, bigger then my trauma and fear, and that there was a plan and a safe place to call home no matter what.


We are energy, glowing, vibrant, and full of potential.¬† Why not make this physical body that were in most capable to have high energy, better friction, feel emotion with more passion, eat healthier, ect. lets float one. Yeah know, I’ve trashed my body before and I don’t necessarily regret it, but its taught me the difference.¬† Higher the frequency the more complex the pattern? hmm

For now Faewell! love love love to all.  just some thoughts to ponder and it felt amazing talking about some of it! have an amazing day! Cheers to the one!