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Silence Is The Father Of Speech

A Beautiful Struggle

“Everything is unfolding perfectly, and as you relax and find ease in your attitude and TRUST KNOWING that your WELL-BEING is your BIRTH-RIGHT AMAZING things will happen. Things the likes you have not seen before”

-Abraham Hicks



Whatever is happening, know within the heart of hearts it has came to teach you, guide you, and build you. Whatever difficulty you may be experiencing is an opportunity to get stronger, to build character, and to gain new confidence.

Anybody can give up, but that’s wasting your pain. If anything it guarantees you for twice the pain later down the road. What dream do you have holding in your mind? The difficulty has not come to stop you, it has come to prepare you. Stop telling yourself you cannot take it and your weak, NO no no, you are well well-able.


Eventually the pain will pass, and you will be birthed with multiplied strength, multiplied confidence, and multiplied ideas. Are we going to come out of the pain bitter, or better?

What are you burying deep inside, what ideas do you have that have been buried or covered in dirt due to low self-esteem, or lack of confidence? It’s easy to be convinced to be ok with mediocrity. At one time you may of believed you could do something great, believed you could break that addiction and than maybe you started accepting the opinions, criticism, and or negative self talk as impassable obstacles. Had a couple bad breaks. Maybe thought it was all your fault, stepped back and decided to bury your gifts, plans, or dreams. ┬áThe enemy will LOVE to deceive you into burying your dreams. Don’t believe those lies…

The enemy will LOVE to deceive you into butting your dreams, don’t believe those lies…


It’s NOT to late to be everything that you were created to be. Every Time you remember your dream, your removing some dirt, your digging it back out, starting to shake it off. A philosophical warrior acts in a way where even though some dirt gets thrown on your dream instead of letting it get buried, he or she keeps shaking back off. Keeps jumping back out there. Keeps getting back up. Keeps taking another shot.


You wouldn’t be having some opposition, if your dream wasn’t there for you to have. It is letting you know it’s alive, right on track, and there for you to work for. We must go through it to grow through, and to reach our dreams, whatever they might be we must continue to grow.

This is your time, this is your day, this is your moment, your destiny IS calling out to YOU! Can I tell you something? Your dream is not dead, it’s maybe just not in season. Your time is coming, we must NOT quit the process. That promotion is coming, that Career is coming, good breaks are coming, promises you’ve been standing on, dreams you’ve been praying about. Barely getting by is not the end of your story.

We may be experience tough times but they have not come to stay, they have come to pass. Not to break us down, but to build us up. Not to chase, but has come to change us. Let’s be open, let’s be vulnerable, let’s be willing to be uncomfortable and stay the course.