How to Wake Up – (#110 of 365)

Lets Have Some Fun – (#102 of 365)

Lets Have Some Fun

I enjoy speaking. It fills me with adrenaline.

I enjoy Self-Discovery.  It fills me with wonder.

I enjoy the idea of Consciousness.  It fills me with awareness.

I enjoy a Challenge.  It fills me with growth.

Shout out to anyone and everyone working on themselves.  Working on understanding themselves in a different perspective. Shout out to anyone really.  We are exactly where were supposed to be.  Have fun today. Breathe in your beautiful creation. If we don’t enjoy something, rid our self from it. If we enjoy something, embrace it. Were living in some prime real-estate.  Were human! Tahlio!  Love and Blessings.

I aspire to ask my self questions instead of questioning myself. 

This offers me a vibration of a masterful student and facilitates a powerful transformation.

We aspire to inspire people to ask themselves questions

instead of questioning themselves.

This offers a vibration of a master teacher,

and facilities a powerful transformation.

Love and Light.

Human Vehicle – Crazy Interesting (#100 of 365)

Floating, alive and thriving, in this maze of wonder and possibilities.  We are one, ONE powerful consciousness each driving these unique sacred physical vehicles called human.  Humanoid? How beautiful. Lets be aware and drive the shit out of this car. Feel it out. Hope you like the vlog!



Food for the Mind, Thoughts for the Body

You Are What You Eat

I really, like really really enjoy food for thought! Especially  when it tastes good. I’ve spent some time researching the correlation between results, circumstances, situations, and how we feed our minds, what we think about most, and what we surround ourselves with.  its been an amazing adventure almost per say  being my own client of my own experiment.  sometimes we may not be conscious that our thoughts and perspective play a direct role to the quality and actuality of our reality.  Could you agree that if you ate double cheeseburgers and fries from McDonalds everyday for a year strait that your body would reflect that? What if you didn’t? Now let me propose this idea, what if I’ve found over the years that our reality that we live in play  by the same rules? We become and attract to our lives what we think about most! We are we eat whether it nutrition, or thought and thought processes.


Its almost as if the reality of our lives is a result of the process and/or processes of our thinking. If we wish to change our reality, circumstances, situations, we must first be willing to change our thinking.   Its not just that our reality changes, its more that our perspective of the experience has changed. Its came from within.  Think Like the person you’d like to become.  Learn to control your attention. Your creative and linguistic choices and the words you choose to use map your reality feed back into your own reality.  Vise versa our minds are largely shaped by how we choose to use them.

Of course I bring the Intensity, because the intensity is rich in nutrients.

If your trying to change your body, it starts at the top with learning how to control your mind.  We are a conscious vessel with pure consciousness directly attached to our mind (super cool) so , lets drive this bitch with passion.


Window To My Soul

Our body hears everything your mind says.  Our mind feels everything our  body eats.  hmm. Interesting connection. I love this stuff, it s inspired me to feel more, to think with more beauty but to not suppress any of the bad emotions either. That conflict is felt in a cellular level all the way directly to our reality. We can embrace those emotions, let them work their magic, and serve their  purpose.  We don’t have to set up camp, but knowing that we have the ability to see past the emotion to love will nurture our selves, our past, and our future.  Most of all, right NOW.. Breathe…

If our mouth is like a window to our body, our thoughts are the nutrition of our way of life and belief systems. Feeding my mind with nutrient dense value, building that mental strength, source of empowerment, and intrinsic motivation. My thoughts facilitates what my eyes see, what my heart feels, and what my spirit connects with. My thoughts are the window to my soul.  How you peer into this window determines how we feel and what we see.  A lot depends of the quality of our optimism .  You can look anywhere, which set of windows are you looking out?

Hoodoo Fire lookout tower window

Usually our food for thought is what strengthens or weakens our visions, way of life, perspective and reality.  There is a mental, visual, and nutritious diet out there that’s good and bad.  What are we feeding our soul? Lets honor all forms of nutritional soul food and VALUE what we put in our bodies.   It looks beautiful out there in the storm!

Love to ALL

Non-Physical Conciousness Within and Without a Physical Human Vehicle. When Magic Happens…

When Worlds Collide

As you gaze inwardly, what do you feel?  Do you sense a feeling of energy? Behind the thoughts, behind any situation, do you sense a space of home.  When you look at your hand, and wiggle your fingers, who is that? what is that driving force creating that magic? Is it magic? Or is it just how its supposed to be.  We have the beautiful ability to be aware and ask ourselves these questions.


Its as if we have an EYE in our mind facilitating our mental landscape. It has the ability to have direct access to the processing and formatting of thoughts, creativity, and creation.  Its as if the EYE is an orchestrator, and the result of the total is the orchestra.  The artist and sculpture.  The painter and Canvas.

Consciousness is the ability to be present in your life in every moment, without judgment, of you or anyone else.  its the ability to receive everything and reject nothing and create everything you desire in life greater than what we currently have and more than what you can imagine

Gary Douglas

For me, in my journey its been about creating enlightment in my life to further awaken consciousness to come to meet itself non-physically here in physical form.   This meeting has been life changing for me.  Ripped away of the unessential’s in life  were just left with what’s left. as goofy as that  sounds.  But were the only ones responsible for what’s between me and me. Me and me, God and I, Source and I, you and you.  Source energy and how it carry’s itself.  How do  I hold myself when no ones watching, how I speak to myself, how I think is what determines my level of awareness and relationship with source.  when the two worlds collide something magical happens.  I felt re-born, that I was bigger then all of my problems, bigger then my trauma and fear, and that there was a plan and a safe place to call home no matter what.


We are energy, glowing, vibrant, and full of potential.  Why not make this physical body that were in most capable to have high energy, better friction, feel emotion with more passion, eat healthier, ect. lets float one. Yeah know, I’ve trashed my body before and I don’t necessarily regret it, but its taught me the difference.  Higher the frequency the more complex the pattern? hmm

For now Faewell! love love love to all.  just some thoughts to ponder and it felt amazing talking about some of it! have an amazing day! Cheers to the one!