The Magic Is Within Us- Vibrational Creators – (#156 of 365)

Our life’s to big to allow us to play to small.

Magic Within Us

Hmmmm.  Magic within us, what does that even mean? What does it mean for me, for you, for us?

Well  Magic, Miracles, and endless  Possibilities are alive within us.  Although they are alive, it’s up to us to bring them life.  The opinions of others, the circumstances it seems we were delt, and our past does thuroughly not dictate our potential.  Our State of Being, our conception of our self, our thoughts are the only things at play dictating our reality.

We are just not built to let ANYONE or ANYTHING dictate our one bat at life.

The cornerstone of which all things are based, come from mans conception of himself.

The magic is within us.  Our ideas, our passions, our dreams are all given to us for some Devine reason!!!!!!

I believe two of mans most remarkable features is his ability to manage the flexibility of his future, and the level of potency he chooses to share with the world ✨✨ The courage to share it can be most difficult but most rewarding! Your true self is calling you!!!!   Are you listening to the wind?

I wish for the knowledge to tune out the mind, the wisdom to tune in the heart, and the courage to act on my music.

Welcome all experiences with a smile, good and bad. Because you never know which ones going to collide your hard work with an awesome opportunity to show it off.

Feel the love, and feel the magic!!    Everything around you took courage to start! It lives in us, right now!!!!

Lets go, grow and glow!

I hope you enjoy the video! 🦆🦉🐟🙏

love to all✨✨


(Or is it)


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