Seed of Corn Vs. Tulip (#35 of 365)


“What you do is what the whole universe is doing at the place you call here and now.  You are doing something the whole universe is doing, as the same way as a wave is doing the same thing the whole ocean is doing”

What you do and how you feel here and now, is exactly what’s manifesting in your experience.  That precise vibrational energy we tune ourselves into is exactly what we begin to create vibrationally.  The manifestation process occurs long before you see it in the physical.  The process starts and perpetuates itself at the first sign of thought.  The continued thought builds its momentum as if you were nourishing a seed.  What happens when you plant a seed ? You don’t see it at first, but the roots and base grows.  As we nourish it with thoughts, or water (haha), watch as it grows into our physical experience. You are the ultimate creator of your experience and you are responsible for your perception and reactions.  Lets continue to manifest nothing but great and  align ourselves with the powers of the universe by harnessing that which we wish to experience.


“You are phenomenal, thus  y0u will attract more phenomenal”

-Eric Thomas

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